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May 2013 - New design website launched.

In May 2013 our re-vamped website went live.

New features include...

Live online database of all our Quality Japanese Koi For Sale.

Plus improved presentation and listings of our extensive food and
koi treatments product ranges all with a direct link to purchase in our online e-shop.

April 2013 - Treats Mix Released

Need some variety...?

Following the sucessful launch of our Koi Treats range we have now added a 'Treats Mix' option.

4 high quality, high protein treats in one handy tub.

Priced at £19.95 for 950g, ( compared to 700g for similarly priced leading brand )
and once again 'Free Delivery'

March 2013 - New Koi Treats added to Food Range

Want to treat your koi..?

Now you can with our range of top quality, high protein koi treats.

Premium Silkworm Pupae - 51% Protein
Freshwater Shrimp - 48% Protein
Mealworms - 60% Protein
Premium Large Shrimp - 60% Protein

February 2013 - Koi and Pond Treatments now available
We are now selling all your vital Koi Treatment products.

A specially selected range of over 20 top quality products available for leading brands Kusuri & Kockney Koi,
including fish medications and water treatments.

All available to buy online via our expanding e-shop with Free Delivery on all items.
Sept 2012 - Further additions to our Koi Food Range - Wheat Germ & Ultimate Koi

Our compehensive range of quality koi food
has been further enhnaced with the addition
of Wheat Germ and Ultimate Koi in 3mm and 6mm options
( 1.25 - 5kg tub sizes ).

Wheat germ ( 37% protein ) is suitable for using in the early spring and in the autumn for your koi. This feed is easily digestible making it flow in the bowels of your fish.
Contains Beta Glucans which stimulate the immune system of the fish,
and also prebiotics and probiotics to improve the intestinal flora.

Ultimate Koi ( 51% protein ) is a complete compound feed for koi made from high quality ingredients. This feed is composed such that the koi in addition to a very rapid growth also develop a slender shape. The added natural pigments (Spirulina / Astaxanthin) guarantee sharp and bright contrasting colors. It is enriched with prebiotics andprobiotics to support the intestinal flora.

Available in online shop now...

May 2012 - Food Range extended.
To compliment our already extensive Koi Food range,
products are now available in 1kg-1.5kg tub sizes
( depending on product variety )

Browse our online shop to see our full range.
April 2012 - An early start to this year's spawning.
In the last 10 days Sanke, Purachina and Yamabuki Ogon, followed by Shusui set have all hacthed.
With the Shusi being a very big hatch.
Hopefully the next parent set's will be Shiro Utsuri and then Kohaku.

March 2012 - Website Launch



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